Repairs & New Installations Repairs & New Installations Original outdated fuse panel 203213389 Upgraded to 100 amp sub with proper grounding 203180016 Splice outside of a box, very common amateur wiring. All splices need to be contained in a junction box with a cover. 203213301 Top of a recess light in the attic, splices also seen here outside of a box, wrapped with tape. This is in no way the right way to install any type of wiring. 203213302 200 amp 480 volt disconnect with the wire hanging out of the front of the panel, leaving owner unable to close the switch box 203213303 The same box after the wire has been rerouted the proper way through the top of the box 203213304 Underground splices made to damaged wire 203213305 Brother putting the finishing touches on a rigid pipe used to replace damaged PVC pipe that was hit by a forktruck. We used a rigid pipe in this high traffic area to protect from future damage. 203213306 A simple nick in a wire over time caused a complete burnout 203213307 Close-up photo of the same damaged section of wire next to a new piece 203213308 Properly-installed flat roof penetration to feed a rooftop air-conditioner 203213311 Improperly wired air handler in a crawlspace 203213312 This was left for us by an HVAC contractor, who also claims to be an electrician. As you can see, everything is wrong with this. 203213313 Attic view of the overhead light in a hotel room. A handyman attempted to make a repair and this was the result... 203213314 The original problem was very easily fixed, just a loose connection. Instead, the entire box was taken apart and a mess was left in its place. 203213315 A buried splice found in a bathroom wall. Homeowner lost power to various receptacles because this splice burned out. Only found after a lot of investigating, hidden behind sheet rock. All junction boxes have to be accessible 203213316 Another open-air splice. We find these every day. The reason they need to be in a covered box is to contain any short circuits and possible fire. 203213317 Poor little lizard had his head in the wrong place. His head prevented electrical contact. 203213318 Three-way switch with power fed to the ground, good shock off of the switch body 203213319 Inattention to detail with a loose connection (at the time of installation, by a "professional") led to a complete burnout of the receptacle and the wire in the box 203213320 Before How was your pool wired? This wiring to an inground swimming pool was installed by a pool company... 203213321 After ...Always hire a licensed electrician who cares about their work. 203213322 Orderly, properly spliced, and easy to troubleshoot in the future if necessary 203213310 Does the service on the outside of your house look like this? It shouldn't! Upgrades are necessary over time. You can't keep adding on to an antiquated electrical system, but if you look around, that is what most contractors will do for a quick buck. 203213390 Combined two electrical services in a house into one centralized panel. The meter base was moved to a better location 203213391 Same house as the two photos before, this is the old fuse panel that was to be replaced. This was tucked in a cupboard in the laundry room (this is no longer allowed by code if you are so inclined to do it in the first place) 203213392 New 200 amp 40 space panel, installed in the garage. Fully accessible and properly sized for the home. 203213393 We were called to a house for a service call, the customer indicated that the lights in the home were very bright and many things were not working. We told them to shut off the main until we arrived, upon arrival we discovered the neutral had been chewed through by a squirrel, sending 240 volts to 120 volt feeds 203213394